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Meic was founded in April 2007. We are high-end enterprises, dedicated to switch power supply products, small household appliances, beauty and fitness products production and development of new technology. With registered capital of 160 million RMB & total investment of RMB 400 million, the construction and plant area is 42,000 square meters, located in NO.46 Siming Industrial park Huandong Waters Xike Tong’an District Xiamen. Up to now we have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, TS16949 system certification. We enjoy perfect environment as well as management standard, and possess attention to humanized,

From the very beginning, we have always been adhering to the business philosophy -"innovation, science and technology and contribution". Basing on innovative methods, prudent management, smooth process, and to create values that touch customers, we wish do all we can to contribute to society, and build a better future together.

In 2011, our company became a state-level high-tech enterprise, which won the honorary title of "independent innovative seed enterprise" and "big tax payer" in Xiamen city.

Company research and development technology center in 2012 was identified as the municipal "enterprise technology center", has also won the title of "the most growth enterprises in Xiamen". What’s more, our switching power supply products managed to get safety certificate, such as 3C in China, UL in USA, US/FC/FCC/TUV in Germany, etc.

Affected by the external economy, MEIC’s business was at its lowest ebb. Mr Deng Dianming, our chairman, anticipated future trends of switch power supply market and the intrinsic value of the company. In November 2016, with a strong sense of responsibility, he took over MEIC, restructuring and pouring a large number of money. Since then, Meic was reborn. At the end of November 2016, restart mobilization meeting was held, the vice chairman Mr Liu made a mobilization speech on " Enhance confidence, Revival Meic" . The company's backbone team promised to make company bigger and stronger. Everybody is full of confidence for the future. After the restart report, the company showed a delightful situation, all the stuff pulled together and worked very hard. Therefore in December 2016, the company achieved new record- high value of 15 million yuan. In February 2017, leaded by Mr Deng, chairman of the new investment team supplier conference,his impromptu speech on "being reliable+reliable team+reliable company+reliable business " won the spontaneous lasting applause of the supplier.

During the ten years since its creation, Meic has experienced twists and turns. With their indomitable spirit, Meic man have not forgotten their original thoughts, and they have made great efforts to make their way to the higher end of the market. Meic has become a high-tech company specializing in the development, production, sales and service of switching power supply. In 2017, a new chapter opens for our company, it is quite important for us. We firmly believe in the guidance of new investment and management team led by Chariman Deng, Meic certainly will become more powerful & embrace a bright and brilliant future.


Business Philosophy

Innovation  Technology  Contribution

Being an active and creative enterprise & Based on innovation action,  strict discipline system and operating process are estiablished.

With high & advanced technology, we will be able to advance to the forefront of the times;

Continuous growth and sustainable operation to become the best model for enterprises;

Providing values to customers, creating future together, contributing to society


Continuous growth

Sustainable management

Building future together


To offer values that touch customers

To set up coexist able surrounding with which customer, supplier and staff can share

Through ceaselessly developing new science and technology as well as innovating products, we are making contribution to regional social development and economic progress.

Enterprise Culture

Loyalty    Energetic   Initiative    Progressive    Responsible

Quality Policy

Ensuring employee quality

       Implementing process management

  Meeting customers' demands

                  Pursuing excellent quality


In Mar.17,2017 change of the company's shareholding, the enterprise legal person transferred from Xie Yingzi to Deng Dianming.

In Nov2016, the company's equity restructuring started.

In 2016, Shop Floor Control system was formally introduced.

In 2015, USB TYPE-C coupling series, belonging to Adapter and QC2.0/QC3.0 quick charge research were completed.

In 2014, IPC power source 200W-400W series development was achieved.

In 2013, mass production begins as a supplier for Japanese companies.

In 2012, our plants passed the ISO13485 certification.

In 2012, our company was named “the most growth enterprise in Xiamen”.

In 2012, we obtained title of “Technical center of Xiamen”.

In 2011, the capital fund was increased from $1335000 to $16688000.

In 2011, our plants passed the TS16949 certification.

In 2011, power development, 80plus of golden and silver level, was accomplished.

In 2011, Meic won the title of New high-tech enterprise.

In 2010, power development, 80plus of copper level, was accomplished.

In 2010, we managed to build productive cooperation with large manufacture in Japan.

In 2009, the capital fund was increased from $6000000 to $13350000.

In 2009, plants in Huandong waters came into operation.

In 2008, our plants passed the ISO9001 certification.

 In Apr.28,2007, Meic was established.



一、Development Technique of Adapter

- Including 5V  9V  12V series; KW is from 2.5W to 90W

- Constant pressure &constant current to meet various applications

- Fulfilling the latest international energy efficiency standards: DOE 6 in USA and      COC V tier 2 in Europe.

- The design conforms to applications both in communication and audio/video industry.

- QC2.0,3.0 & low-power sufficient current quick charge.

- Product program for USB 3.1 Type-C PD 30W,60W

二、Development technique of high power source

-850W-1600W, ranking the platinum level in PS II, is put into use as power of server, industrial PC and online games.

-250W-400W, ranking copper series in 1U, is put into service for industrial PC application.

-PSII&1U, the unique technology of UPS, is applied to security, automation, cloud computing and health care.

-1U 200W DC-DC multi-output is used for robots.

三、Development technique of vehicle power supply

-Digitalization technical design, 1500W output, 14.4V/110A automobile lithium battery charging and battery management technology

-DC-AC  ac output, used for vehicle’s EL drive, in accordance with FORD standard.

- Car DC-DC buck-boost fog lights driving power

Being professional power supply supplier product design team, MEIC owns rich experience and EMC problem solution both in PCB Layout and product pre-design phase & the coming debugging. Moreover we are pleased to make efforts to develop new products according to clients’ demand or co-working with our dear customers. We firmly believe our creative goods will be available and become more and more competitive.

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